FOCUS now has an Applied Behavior Analysis Services (ABA) program!

ABA Program in Eagle River Alaska with Focus Outreach
Focus Outreach is proud to introduce our new ABA Program!

The Applied Behavior Analysis Services (ABA) program is run by Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Pam Shackelford, and her team of trained Registered Behavior Technicians. To learn more how this program could be right for your child, contact Pam at (907) 694-6002 or reach out to her via email,

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis is an approach to communication delays and related behavior problems that uses a variety of science-based techniques to understand the problem behavior that children with autism and other neurological challenges often display. Learning to communicate needs and wants appropriately, diminishes inappropriate behavior and creates opportunities for success at home and in school.

Applied Behavior Analysis Services

At Focus ABA we can offer long term intervention in the home or in the ABA clinic at Focus. ABA is highly individualized and is responsive to family priorities and cultural values as well. A therapist works several hours a week with the individual needing therapy and can work on a range of communicative needs, social-emotional skills, and academic supports depending on the specific requirements of the person receiving services. Because promoting the social/emotional development of children with developmental delays or disabilities is part of the ABA process, ABA can help to improve a child’s ability to communicate, have positive social relationships and move towards independence and self-advocacy.