Our family had a great experience with FOCUS: Summer Camp.  I was so excited that my 8 year old daughter would finally have a chance to participate in a summer camp program.  I have always wanted her to have a camp experience, but could never find a program that fit her needs. I loved the weekly themes and newsletters.  The projects that she brought home each week made me feel like her time there was being very well spent. I was so impressed with the skilled and qualified camp staff and their ability to help every camper be successful.   The staff understood their needs,  taught them new skills and afforded them new experiences. The staff also recognized this was important respite time for our family and handled everything necessary during her days at camp. My daughter very reluctantly finished her first couple of hikes with FOCUS: Summer Camp, but by the end of the summer she was enjoying short hikes with our family. It was a huge success to complete a family hike together!

It was truly a treat to know that she was safe and in good hands, having fun. We are already excited for next year.

– Carlene & Brianna Boden