Family Outreach Center for Understanding Special Needs

Our Mission Statement:

We vow to provide quality support to individuals and families by respecting their values and sharing their hopes.


  • Family CenteredWe believe families have the right to professional expertise from staff to support them in identifying and obtaining services. We believe families have the right to prompt and effective communication. We believe families have the right to be supported in their diverse racial, ethnic, cultural and socio-economic values. We believe families have the right to comprehensive and coordinated quality services.
  • Respectful PartnershipsWe believe respectful partnerships means honoring the opinions, feelings, thoughts and actions of others. We believe respectful partnerships mandate the acceptance of others with civility, politeness and timeliness. We believe respectful partnerships require the thoughtful recognition of other’s positions to meet the needs of families, the agency and the community. We believe that respectful partnerships are most effective when members have trust, support and shared responsibilities. We believe respectful partnerships are manifested through open, reciprocal communication, working together towards common goals and sharing knowledge between families, staff and the community.
  • CompassionWe believe that compassion means support for self and others through thoughtful, kind and caring actions. We believe compassion is reflected through the heartfelt understanding of others.

Each and every action or decision we take should reflect our values, whether for a person we support or for an employee.

As an agency we provide support to people with disabilities. We provide support to their families and we believe we deliver a chance for a higher quality of life. As you look at this site you will see our different services, maybe see our blog and the articles we find interesting, we also have our staff page which helps prospective employees find out what makes us special. Focus has over 30 years of experience providing services to families in Alaska. And we pride ourselves on being the most innovative, compassionate, and family centered program in the country. Please look at our After School Program, our Summer Program, the collaborations with the community and the future ideas we have in store.

Focus is an agency that is based on serving the needs of families, and that constantly changes. And we change with those needs. Our agency is known for being on the front line of great programs, and our staff know they are expected to add to our innovation on a daily basis.


Grant Funds

FOCUS was recently awarded grant funds from the Chugiak-Eagle River Foundation, and we would like to take a moment to recognize the wonderful work that they do in our community, and to thank them for their generosity to our agency.

The mission of the Chugiak-Eagle River Foundation is to improve the quality of life and to address emerging needs in the community of Chugiak/Eagle River, by providing grants and scholarships from a permanent endowment.

We at FOCUS admire the dedication of this foundation to the betterment of our community. We are proud to call them partners, and hope that we can continue to work alongside them to strengthen our community.

For more information about the Chugiak-Eagle River Foundation, please visit their website at:









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Office Manager
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