FOCUS offers personalized guidance for families and individuals who experience
special needs through therapies, encouragement, resources and education.


"It has been a pleasure working with FOCUS families. The opportunity to provide care for clients through respectful and careful service has been a valuable experience and duty, one of which I hold highly and will throughout my life's journey. Working with these families has given me so much insight into personal wealth and value, something that is truly distinct."
- G.S.

“The therapists and staff have shown so much love in all that they do. They give my baby a voice and a way to cope with the world around him.”
- Anonymous

Focus : Impact

"Thanks to focus! Danielle has made leaps and
bounds of improvement with [my son], Especially
the social interaction he has with people.He just
adores her and loves to come see her. Andrea
does an amazing job; I wish I could bottle her up
and take her everywhere! Thank you to your amazing staff, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you."
- Anonymous

“Your summer camp, without exception, employs the most dedicated, caring & skilled staff. My son has had the opportunity to experience lots of different programs delivered by numerous agencies and the Summer Camp of FOCUS has been and is now the best. Hands down the best! Thank you for making it possible for my son to attend this summer.”
– K.L.

Where Families Come First!

News affecting
Individuals CURRENTLY on IDD Waivers
Dear families

As you know Alaska is in an economic downturn and legislators are facing tough decisions in developing the budget. There are conversations occurring in the House and Senate proposing cuts to the amount of service hours provided to Developmentally and Intellectually Delayed Individuals on IDD Waivers.  One of the proposals that is most concerning is limiting the number of hours of Individual/Group Day Habilitation. These are the “out of the house” hours of your Plan of Care. The proposal would reduce the Day Hab to a maximum of 8 or 12 hours.  Almost all the individuals we serve here at FOCUS have more than 12 hours of Individual/Group Day Hab a week in their plans.

No decisions have been made yet. However, many are speaking up against limiting Day Habilitation hours. We wanted you to be aware of this situation now in the event that the final budget does include reductions to hours that can be in your family member’s plan of care.  At this point the legislators are only focused on costs of services, not implementation of the “how” any of this would play out. This is a good time to make contact with your legislators about how cuts on Day Habilitation will affect your family. There is power in families and individuals sharing their experiences and stories with the role Day Habilitation plays in their lives. At this time, we do not have any other specific information to share with you but you can expect to hear updates from us and others as this unfolds.

(P.S. This should not affect summer camp this year)


FOCUS Announcement
** For Immediate Release **

We are pained to find ourselves in a position to make some cuts given the current climate of the state and loss of grant funds in the coming year. Our beloved art program, FOCUS Art Studio, is in need of significant financial support sponsors to maintain operations.  In the absence of such funding, we will be making plans to close the program at the end of June.

We will be contacting families this week.

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