FOCUS is a full-service Pediatric Therapy clinic in Eagle River.

We offer a pediatric therapy clinic, physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. We provide individualized evaluation and ongoing treatment to children and adolescents with varying needs and diagnoses.

Pediatric Therapy Eagle River Focus Outreach

We are committed to family-centered care and believe in the mission of FOCUS:

“To provide quality support to individuals and their families by respecting their values and sharing their hopes.”

Our therapists are deeply invested in building a trusting relationship between your child, the therapist, and family members to promote a positive therapy experience and help your child to achieve his or her full potential.  FOCUS therapists collaborate with one another and with each family to best serve the ‘whole child.’ Clinicians tailor the therapy services to the child’s individual needs, for success at home, school, and in the community.

We provide a wide variety of pediatric therapy services to treat conditions such as:

Learn more by exploring this website, and call 907-694-6002 to schedule an assessment.

Located at 16635 Centerfield Dr. STE 103
Eagle River, Alaska