Your First Experience with Pediatric Therapy: Here Is What You Can Expect?

Entering the world of therapy with your child might feel like a new and daunting endeavor. FOCUS is here to partner with you, helping you navigate the process. There is security in knowing that your child is receiving benefits from an encouraging screened and accredited therapist.

Pediatric Services FOCUS Outreach in Eagle River Alaska

Cindy Higgins

Executive Director(M.Sp.Ed./Ed Leadership)

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Evaluation & Therapy Plan

Your therapist will evaluate your child’s skills and work with you to develop a treatment plan with individualized goals. Therapy sessions may be provided in a variety of settings within the clinic, including a large motor gym and individual therapy rooms. FOCUS therapists generally use a play-based approach for young children, where skills are acquired and practiced through fun and motivating activities. Family members often join-in the therapy session

After-School Program

After-school group sessions targeting social competencies and self-regulation strategies are offered for school-aged children.FOCUS sponsors a Social Skills Camp during the summer, where children and adolescents develop and practice their social competencies to better connect with others and lead healthier, happier lives.

Speech-Language Therapy Services

FOCUS pediatric speech pathologists help children to develop their listening, speaking, social, and cognition skills.Therapy may FOCUS on speech sound production, oral motor skills, listening and following directions, understanding language, using language to communicate wants and needs, developing social language competencies, and general feeding difficulties.

Families may seek speech-language services if their child:

  • Is difficult to understand
  • Shows frustration because he is not easily understood
  • Has not yet started imitating or playing with sounds
  • Does not use as many words as other children his/her age
  • Has difficulty understanding stories and answering questions
  • Has difficulty explaining or telling a story
  • Has difficulty with social interactions
  • Stutters
  • Has a hoarse or strained voice quality

Occupational Therapy Services

FOCUS occupational therapists help children and adolescents develop the functional skills necessary to become an independent adult. Therapy focuses on fine motor skills, visual-motor skills, self-help skills, sensory processing and self-regulation skills that are needed in order to participate in activities of daily living.

Families may seek occupational therapy services if their child:

  • Does not demonstrate self-help skills typical of other children his/her age
  • Has difficulty with change and transitions
  • Has trouble with organization and task completion
  • Has difficulty concentrating and following directions
  • Is over-stimulated or under-stimulated by sounds or noises, smells, lights, touching, etc.
  • Is highly sensitive to certain textures (clothing, food)
  • Has difficulty regulating feelings and behaviors

Physical Therapy Services

Our pediatric physical therapists treat infants and children who have injuries or health-related problems that limit their ability to move or perform daily tasks.We offer physical therapy to improve your child’s coordination, muscle control, and gross motor skills.Therapy includes stretching, strengthening, and balance activities to improve movement or regain function.