Once an individual is approved for Developmental Disability (DD) services, they can access various Grant funding. With that includes Case Management. Focus provides Case Management, Respite, and Day habilitation as well as many programs individuals can access with Developmental Disability (CDDG) eligibility. If you are interested in any services provided through Focus, please contact our STAR Coordinator

Developmental Disability (DD) services are available based upon funding provided by the state legislature. Because there are more people needing services than there is money, there is a registry for DD services administered by DSDS. Your place on the registry is determined by the score you receive on the “Developmental Disability Registration and Review”.

A registry assessment consists of a series of questions about how well you or your family member is doing day to day. Based upon your response to the questions, a score is assigned and you are then placed on the registry. Because the form can be challenging for individuals/families to complete, it is advisable to seek assistance with a STAR representative or Grants Coordinator. At the beginning of each month, approximately seventeen individuals are chosen state wide for the Home and Community Based Waiver. While an individual is on the registry, they can access grant services (CDDG).