Jack Maxwell

IT Helpdesk

Jack has lived in Alaska his entire life, he enjoys everything from fishing & camping in the great outdoors to cooking & working on computers at home, he has worked with computers since 1982. He grew up in North Pole Alaska & when he wasn’t out tearing up the trails on his 4 wheelers, motorcycles or snowmachines then he was inside working on and learning about computers, he did some basic programming along with lots of game playing.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” -William Shakespeare

He went to school in Fairbanks Alaska then moved to Anchorage in 1989, he worked in retail for most his life that included general stocking to becoming an order clerk that led to becoming a butcher for 11 years, he suffered some back injuries so he decided to take a break from retail and start a home business of laser engraving & cutting that had lots to do with computers. Jack still does some engraving and cutting part time but currently he works here at Focus doing part time maintenance and learning about computer networks and servers with the hopes of getting Microsoft certified to escalate his career further to his goals.

Phone: 907-689-7252